!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a very long consideration, I have decided to move my blog to blogspot for various reasons. One of them is that I will be able to use google connect so you can follow me easier and I can follow my favourite blogs. Also, blogspot allows you to play around with the coding and that’s what I need. There’s actually a few more reasons but more on that in the future ;)  I hope you like the new website and won’t stop reading my blog!






Well hello there my darlings! Today I woke up very early but weirdly enough was in a good mood. Now I am late and my mood couldn’t get any worse. I’m off to two exibitions with my university and one of them is Tim Walker where I’ve been before. Anyway, have a great day! Will show you my new boots soon :)


P.s thanks to John for getting me Vogue Italia from his trip to Milan!


Party time

Saturday was very eventful for me, the people who were at the party will know! haha But anyway, Jamie and Rob turned 20 (actually Rob turns 20 in a few days) and we welcomed them to the grown-up world. Not that we know what it’s like being a grown up! Not teens anymore! Sad times ahah. Anyway, here are some pictures from the partaaay.

The next morning was just dreadful, thought I won’t survive that day! ahaa Me, Ieva and Marley went for breakfast at a random hut in a park, and it was pretty good, but I felt so sick, I couldn’t eat it! :( Anyway, great message from someone on the mirror ;)

Cool idea for a birthday present

So on Saturday we went to Rob&Jamie’s 20th birthday party and of course being as creative as we are ( :))) ) we decided to make a cool present that they would really like! We had a few ideas, one including a gold fish but then we found out the fish couldn’t live in a certain object and had to let go of the brilliant plan… Anywayyy it was so cool and it’s a great gift for anyone!

p.s don’t mind the girly wrapping paper.. aha

p.p.s We bought the jars and filled them with all kinds of sweets like tictacs,mentos and other things and made the labels our selves and everything whats written on them is from our heads!

So pretty!


On Friday me and Gabriele decided to experiment with my hair a little bit. A few yeas ago she had really cool blonde/ginger parts in her hair and I decided to try it. Wine, best friend and hair…. that was my Friday evening. It turned out too ginger for my liking but then on Saturday I dyed my hair brown and fixed it a little bit and now it looks pretty cool. What do you think? x