So yesterday were the VMA’s. All the celebrities of the world came together to see who’s won the MTV awards.

I was so happy when I found out Britney has won an award! She has been my favourite singer since I was little, and even though she went through all the trouble, shes still my favourite! She won Best Pop Video for her song ‘Till the world ends’.

Ok, what the hell is she wearing? Seriously Nicki Minaj.. ?! The fun version of Lady Gaga? ;/

Ahhhh while Beyonce was performing on stage, she told everyone shes pregnant! Her baby is going to be the cutest baby ever! So happy for her!

Also, here : you can see how Lady Gaga is pretending to be a man, and she tries to kiss Britney, just like Madonna did in 2003, and Britney pulls away saying ‘I’ve already done that’ :D

Also when you scroll down, theres a video of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, he distracts her with a kiss. Aww so cute!

I havent watched the VMA’s yet, but I really really want to, and hopefully I will today.


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