NYC part 1

Finally have time for New York pictures. Hope you like them!

Best breakfast ever!

Beautiful hand made purses.

Cute little wellie shoes!

On the first night in New York, we went to a Diner in New Jersey. Had a really nice meal, and Pinna Colada’s with my friends grandmother and her crazy ass friend! You obviously have to be 21 to drink in USA, but that lady somehow got us the drinks, and we are 17. lol!

10 minutes of fame in Times Square! We had to make a purchase in American Eagle, and we got our picture taken and it was put up on the big screen in Times Square.

Had to try Domino’s in America! It actually wasn’t as good as the English Domino’s.


More pictures next time! 

Its all about RED

As you have probably noticed, Red lips are the biggest fashion trend going! I am personally in love with red lips. Although it doesn’t really suit me because I got small lips, and the red lipstick makes them look even smaller. The perfect addition to red lips is white teeth! So beautiful!

1.If you’re blonde and you got red lipstick on, girl you’re gonna make them boys drop dead!

2. If you’re going to do your lips red –  black, white and leopard print clothes would do you a favour!

3. Buy a lipstick that stays on properly, that wont smudge. Try asking in the store which lipstick they would recommend. Don’t be afraid to ask! That’s their job! Rimmel London have got a new Lipstick out which is by Kate Moss.
I’ve actually tried this lipstick before, and I can say that its really good!

Right now I’ve got this one, by Lancome:

 Its not my favourite. It smudges fast, and its very oily. I do not like it, but I got it as a present so I might as well use it as it costs £19.

Your say

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