Ombré hair

Today I was actually looking for a job online, and I went on Vero Moda just to see if they have any vacancies. And on the main page they had this picture:

Omg, straight away I looked at that girls hair colour! Omg it looks amazing! And guess what? I was in the hair dressers 30 minutes later, about to dye my hair! :D I know, Im crazy.. I see something and I have to get it NOW!

This hair colour is sooo in style right now, and I actually read about it a few days before.

Its called ombré. Ahh I love love love it! When I went to the hairdressers the best explanation for this type of hair colour was: I want it to look like my blond hair has grown out. And Yesssssss I got my hair the way I wanted it! :)) Im so happy!

But, Im gonna be a bitch, and post a picture only tomorrow, because I want you to see it in daylight :)  So make sure you check out my blog tomorrow guys!

Also, sorry for not writing here, I have a boring life this weeek. :( Lol..


Lots of love x



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