Summer 2011

My summer ends today. Im going home tomorrow, back to London.
This summer was one of the best summers ever, here are the reasons why:
– I went to New York for 2 weeks.
– Lithuania for 2 months.
– Got to know a few people who mean alot to me.
– Learnt more about life, friendship and love.
– It was the last summer as an under age person. Next summer Im going to be 18!
– Spent the 2 greatest months with my best friends.
– Got drunk about 8754733 times. (stupid, I know)
– Parties, beaches, friends, drinks, pictures, sun!

Im gonna miss everyone in Lithuania so much, so so much! I never tell this to my friends, but its hard without them in the UK. Yes I do have friends in London, Im not a loner :D But still, its different in London. If you want to visit a friend you have to travel for 1 hour and 30 mins just to get to their house! I will miss being able to just walk 5 minutes and meet everyone.

YES, I do want to go home, but I will miss my friends.



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