Home, sweet home








Yesterday I had a flight from Riga-London. My plane was departing at 22:20, so I had about 2 hours to waist at the airport. I done a bit of duty free shopping and then decided to go for a Iced cappuccino at COSTA coffee. I’m actually allergic to Coffee and cappuccino so I cant drink it, but seeing as this one was with ice cream, milk, ice and a bit of cappuccino, I thought it wouldn’t hurt. So I sat there drinking on my own, like a loner, again!

The flight was ok I guess, i slept all the way to London. I arrived at 22:40pm. It seems weird, I leave at 22:20 and arrive at 22:40, but its the time difference :) When I landed my parents were NOT there to pick me up! I went mad! I had to wait for 2 hours, because they had some private problems. So when they came at 1am, we stopped at McDonalds, and Starbucks after that!

Anyway, Im so glad to be back. Its so warm here in London!

Now I started reading a book by Mellisa Hill- never say never. (This is a lithuanian copy).

(why the hell is my phone in every picture? :D)



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