The second F21 in London has finally opened in Westfield, Stratford. The first one was opened about a month ago in Oxford street, but I havent been there yet. All I know is, that this one is soo big!

The ques for F21 were soooo long! But thank god, I was not too far. You can actually see me in that picture! lol This was at 8am, by 9:30am, the Que was 20 times longer! (not my picture). Also later on Nicole Scherzinger was performing there, and I heard her, but I didnt go to see her, because there was so many people.

I went there with Iveta, who I haven’t seen since August, when we went to Palanga!

I only got earnings and a ring because I went clothes shopping the day before. I DON’T wear earnings but these are so cute, and I actually think they suit me. And that is really weird because no earrings in the world suit my face, lol :D

And also, the first 500 customers got goodie bags, which had these PJ’s in them! I think they’re cute, but they’re a LARGE. So yeah, the shorts fall straight off when I put it on. :D



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