I didn’t do anything this Halloween, I’m waiting until I’m 18 and I can go out clubbing on this day. I did dress up to take my little brother ‘trick or treating’. A few weeks ago I bought a really pretty dress, and when I took pictures with it, people told me I look like Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family’.

So as I said I took my little brother Trick Or Treating, and it wasn’t very good this year.. not many people had sweets, and some lady even said ‘I thought Halloween was on Saturday’ :D.. silly lady.. Anyway he got some sweets..

I stole a few :P

Mini shopping haul

Today me and my sister went to get something from the shopping centre. I was going to get a new watch from River Island, because they have really nice watches, but the River Island is getting refurbished in my shopping centre, so it was closed. Anyway I got a few bits and bobs from primark.

Everyone knows, that primark PJ’s are the best! :D

Cute knickers..

And really cute slipper socks. :D They’re so comfortable! I actually stole my sisters ones, so I’m giving her the pink pair in return..haha

Cleaning your make-up bag!

It is really important to change you make-up bag every once in a while, because there’s so much bacteria that gets stored in your make-up bag, and it can go on your brushes, in your mascara and so on… and of course it can harm your skin.

My make-up bag is not too bad this time, I’ve had worse! I’m ashamed! haha :D

Its also really important to wipe all your make-up bits, mine always get dirty because of mascara and eye lined especially.

While my other make-up bag is washing, I’m gonna use a spare one.

Backstage at Core Spirit fashion show

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I had a week off, and was very lazy, so couldn’t bring myself to post anything. I’m getting near to the 100th post, and it will be a small give away, so keep your eyes peeled to my blog!

Anyway,as I said, I had a fashion show, and I had to model 2 outfits from different collections. It was great. I had loads of fun, met lovely people, and had a great time. I haven’t received the photos from the photographers just yet, but here are some backstage images…

Getting my hair done by the lovely Yvonne :)

Hair and makeup all done.

 First collection by Jenn Lee. Just look at them shoes! I must admit, it was harder to walk in these than any high heels I have ever walked in. They are sooooo heavy! I absolutely loved my outfit for this designer. It was actually a school girls outfit, that looks like this:

cute, right? :)

Second collection. Loved it! It looks weird in these pictures, but wait till you see the professional pictures on the catwalk! And check out them hairy trousers! :D

Winter clothes

Winter is not too far ahead now, and I’ve already got all my winter clothes out! I always say I don’t like winter, but I do! The little things about it, like hot chocolate, watching movies, when it gets dark at 5pm, even snow, or when it snows at night. Those things are just amazing! Here is what I will be wearing this winter!

Big, woolly jumpers are number 1 for winter!

Waist coats are great too! We don’t have very very cold winters here in the UK, so I can wear these with woolly jumpers.
(1. Primark 2. Miss Sixty 3. Yessica)

Obviously, the coat/jacket is the most important thing. I’ve got about 5 coats, but I will be wearing these 3 this winter!
(1.Primark 2.New Look 3.ONLY)

Best shoes for winter are Uggs! So warm, and comfortable! I’ve got the original ones, and I’ve had them since last year! Also my winter wedges are great too!
(1.Ugg Australia 2.New Look)

And finally the scarves and hats and gloves! So important, unless you wanna freeze to death! haha…
(Panda Hat River Island, White Scarf h&m, Red Gloves New Look, Grey Scarf h&m, Burberry replica from Oxford Street, Grey gloves Lithuania.)

Hope everyone’s looking forward to winter! :)