4 of my favourite products

1. Hand and Nail Treatment Cream by CLARINS.

-It’s a very small amount, but its very good. I hate putting hand cream on, and this one is just amazing. AND its 2 in 1, because it’s good for your nails too.

2. Tropical&Juicy 2 in 1 Wash & Scrub by PINK Victoria’s Secret.

-I got this in New York, and it’s my favourite ever shower wash. It smells amazing, like seriously the smell is just so so nice. It also is a scrub too, and the little granules are not very hard, they’re tiny:3. Cherry Almond Leave-In Conditioner By LOVEPEACE&THEPLANET.

I love this, because that’s what they use in hairdressing salons, I’ve got the whole collection, yay me! haha, but anyway this is so good for your hair, you can put it on your hair after you’ve washed it, or any time you feel like it. I always put it on after I come out of the shower. It smells great and makes my hair soft and smooth.
4.  Moisturising Lotion by Garnier Body.

My favourite beauty product of all time! If you want a tan all year round, use this! It gives you an instant tan/glow, which is not too much, but it looks like you are tanned. Make sure you apply it carefully and don’t leave any parts where you didn’t put it on because it will go patchy. Also wash your hands after use!!


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