Q’s & A’s

This is how I am going to do this.. if the questions was originally sent to me in Lithuanian I will do a translation underneath, but also answer it in Lithuanian. I will answer the Lithuanian questions first. Also I will not answer inappropriate questions, and YES there was a few of those, about very private things. If you want to ask me that, go on my private Formspring, or message me (:


Q: Sveika, jei nėra sunku gal gali pasakyti savo geriausias drauges. : )
(Hey, maybe you can say who your best friends are?) 

A: Turiu 5 geriausias drauges. Turbut sunku patiketi kad toks didelis skaicius. Gabriele ir Iveta Londone, ir Skaiste, Miranda ir Ieva Lietuvoje.
(I have 5 best friends. Its probably hard to believe that its such a big number. Gabriele and Iveta in London, and Skaiste, Miranda and Ieva in Lithuania.) 

Q: Kodel tu taip i lietuva verziesi? Sakai kad ten draugai visi. Tai tu anglijoi neturi draugu? Negaila taip palikti draugu savo? Ar tau anglijoj neartimi draugai?
(Why are you forcing into Lithuania so much? You say all your friends are there. Dont you have friends in UK? Dont it feel bad leaving your friends? Are you not close with your friends in UK?)

A: I Lietuva as nesiverziu. Tiesiog bandau atsibuti kol dar visiskai nesuaugau. Jau po metu, keliu nebegalesiu sedeti kieme visa diena ir su draugais valgyti ledus. Bus darbai, mokslai. Turiu Anglijoj geru draugu, bet Lietuvoje su tais draugais uzaugau. O cia dar didelis minusas atstumai, todel su draugais susitinku tik savaitgaliais
(I am not forcing into Lithuania. I just wanna have as much fun as I can before I grow up properly. Because in a few years I wont be able to sit all day with my friends eating ice cream. Earning money and education will be more important. I have good friends in the UK, but I grew up with my friends in LT. Also a big disadvantage in UK  is the long journeys to see your friends, so I only get to see them on the weekends. )

Q:Gal galetum patarti kokiu nors fainu vietu Londone aplankyti? Kita vasara zadu su draugem varyt ten ir gal turi ka pasiulyt verto demesio? ((:
(Can you name some cool places to see in London? Next summer I’m planning to go with my friends, so do you have anything to offer that would be cool?)

A: Aplankykite London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf. Dar nueikite i muziejus, Londone ju daug, mokamu ir nemokamu! Nuvaziuokite i Camden Town, China Town, Soho rajonus! Beto, nepamirskime Oxford Street!! Beto, gerai pasibukite! ;)
(Go to London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Canary Wharf. Go to some museums, in London there’s loads of them, free ones and payable ones. Go to Camden Town, China Town and Soho. Also don’t forget to visit Oxford Street! Have a good time! ;) )

Q: Gal gali aprasyt ka tu darai su tom draugem kurios atvaziuoja pas tave i anglija. Kur jus einat, ir t.t . Su nuotraukom prasau.:))) Ir aprasyt kada jos vel zada tave aplankyt?
(Can you tell us what you do with your friends that come to visit you in UK? Where do you go and so on.. With pictures please. :))) And when are they thinking to visit you again?)

A: Einame visur kur tik sumastome, aplankome izimias vietas, einame apsipirkti, i parkus! Nuotrauku dabar neturiu, nes netycia istryniau. Dabar jas turi tik mano drauges. Vel zada aplankyti pavasari. :)
( We go anywhere we think of, visit the famous places, go shopping, to parks! I dont have the pictures atm, because I deleted them by accident. Only my friends have it now. They’re planning to visit again in late Spring.)

Q:Jeigu esi kazkur europoj pakeliavusi tai gali apie tai aprasyt:)))
(If you have traveled in Europe can you write about it?)

A: Esu buvusi keliose salyse, dazniausiai kai su seima vaziuodavom i Lietuva. Nieko ispudingo.
(I have been to a few countries, mainly with my family while going to Lithuania by car. Nothing special.) 

Q: Ar turejai kokiu nors pasaipu? kaip su jom susidorojai?
(Have you ever been bullied? How did you cope with it?)

A: Turejau ir ne viena ir ne du kartus. Labai sunku buvo mokykloj is pradziu, bet paskui pradejau neimti i galva. Dazniausiai saiposi tie kuriems tu tiesiog nepatinki, kurie pavydi, arba tie kurie patys turi daug problemu ir islieja viska ant kitu vaiku. Reikia nekreipti demesio, ir parodyti kad jus mazdaug net negirdit tu pasaipu! 
(I did and not even 1 or 2 times. It was hard in school, but later I started ignoring it. People bully people mainly because they don’t like you, are jealous of you or just have their own problems and let it all out on other kids. Just ignore it and show them that you cant even hear them.)

Q:hey. Gal zn kur galima nusipirkti lv tase analoga internete?maybe ebay?
(Hey, do you know where I can get lv replica bags on the internet? maybe ebay?)

A: Laba, nezinau! Sorry!
(Hey, i dont know, sorry!) 

Q:what are the must have’s for winter?

A: I think, you know, things like every winter. Warm wooly jumpers, Uggs, warm socks, scarves, gloves!  But I must say that wooly jumpers are the biggest must haves!

Q:What colours are good for winter becasue i always wear like black and dark colours? any other colours which will look great for the winter. Thanks x

A: Ahh girl, wear something bright! Mustard is the new colour for winter! Try and get a bright coat, or bright scarf and match it with a bright bag! I will do a post on winter outfits soon! :)

Q:Do you have a boyfriend? :)

A: Nope.

Q:How did you get into the modelling career, and is there specific height you have to be ?x

A: I dont have a modelling career. Yes they look for models over 172cm.x

Q: When is your birthday? and what are you doing for it? isit 18th?

A: Its on the 18th December. Im going to have a party in Lithuania. Yes it’s my 18th birthday :)


I know its just a few questions. But this took me ages to answer! And do the translating bit! Hope its not too confusing. aha :D



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  1. Hey.:) When you was younger did you ever had problems with spots? If yes then what did you do? And from what age you started colouring your hair? Tehhe thanks.

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