Backstage at Core Spirit fashion show

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I had a week off, and was very lazy, so couldn’t bring myself to post anything. I’m getting near to the 100th post, and it will be a small give away, so keep your eyes peeled to my blog!

Anyway,as I said, I had a fashion show, and I had to model 2 outfits from different collections. It was great. I had loads of fun, met lovely people, and had a great time. I haven’t received the photos from the photographers just yet, but here are some backstage images…

Getting my hair done by the lovely Yvonne :)

Hair and makeup all done.

 First collection by Jenn Lee. Just look at them shoes! I must admit, it was harder to walk in these than any high heels I have ever walked in. They are sooooo heavy! I absolutely loved my outfit for this designer. It was actually a school girls outfit, that looks like this:

cute, right? :)

Second collection. Loved it! It looks weird in these pictures, but wait till you see the professional pictures on the catwalk! And check out them hairy trousers! :D


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