Today on my way home, I decided to pop into a few shops for some last Christmas presents, as I’ve already got most of them. I poped into Primark quickly, because they refurbished it a few weeks ago, and I got a few things.

I got a leotard and a jumpsuit. Going to wear the leotard next weekend for Gabriele’s 18th birthday maybe matched with a shirt or shorts, and the jumpsuit on my 18th birthday.
Was actually surprised that I found two outfits and both in Primark. Tell me what you think ;)

Saturday’s outfit

Boots Claire’s, Chinos River Island, Crop top Forever 21, Watch River Island, Ring Forever 21.

What do you think about my outift? I like this cute tomboy look. Im just about to leave my house and go to Gabriele’s house, we are gonna try and work out what to do for her 18th birthday, have to choose a nice club. Have a nice Saturday night :) xox

My very own wishlist

1. Britney Spears ‘fantasy’ perfume.
2. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
3. A tattoo
4. Cuff earrings.
5. New camera.
6. White iphone 4.
7. Jack Daniel’s top.
8.  Moschino belt.
9. New jumpers.
10. YSL ring.
11. Hollister body sprays.
12. Chanel handbag in black.
13. Black leather jacket.
14. ‘Oh Lola’ by Marc Jacobs perfume.

Most of the things on there, would take me years to save up for, like the Chanel handbag that costs about £3000 which is a crazy amount of money and I would never spend that much on a bag unless I had a million. And for Christmas and my birthday I’m not expecting big presents, maybe perfume, clothes, jewellery and sweets. I think the main thing that matters is that you spend these days with your family and friends and have a great time.


Once again, I went with Ebay, and ordered black wedges. Today it arrived, and it was quite a fast delivery seeing as it came from China. I tried them on, and it looks great! I actually bought it for my birthday party, so that’s the shoes I’ll be wearing.

The white lines in the first picture are actually not that bright, it just looks like that because of the flash when I took the picture. They are not the greatest shoes, but it will be ok for one night.

Im so sorry

So sorry because I havent been writing here, and I know I’m letting my readers down, but I’ve just not been in the right place for the past few days. Im finding it hard to share anything with anyone, and I feel like I dont want to write this blog anymore. Im hoping this feeling will go away, because I know I love writing for you guys, but just give me a few days to get back to my right mind.