Quick healthy recipe!

Hey, I wanted to share a really quick Salmon Roll recipe. It’s so yummy, and its very healthy.

I bit of some of my wrap because I was soo hungry.. :D

Step 1. Get your ingredients, and all you’ll need is Salmon, Cucumber, Wraps and Philadelphia cheese.
Step 2. Spread the cheese over the wrap. Make sure you put more than I did in picture 3, because that wasn’t enough.
Step 4. Place your salmon on the wrap, but do it in little pieces, and make sure its spread out.

Step 5. Grate the cucumber onto the wrap.
Step 6.  Roll your wrap. Make sure you push it together quite tight.
Step 7. Slice it up
Step 8. Enjoy!

Hope you like this! It’s one of my favourite little snacks..

Also, my sister done one with chicken, so here are the images, you know what to do!


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