Make-up and Competition winner!

Today was a great day in college. I actually got all my work done, and when my teachers checked my books, they told me I should keep the effort up! I’m so glad I’ve finally turned into a nerd! That’s the way forward! Haa! Anyway I finished college early and decided to go shopping to get a few bits. Only ended up getting a new mascara and lip liner!

I’ve got myself the new Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara, which just came out, and is only £4.99 for 1 month because its a new product. After 31/11/11 its going to cost £6.99. Grab it while you can at Boots! I haven’t tried it yet, but the brush is big, and seems very good! So will be trying that tomorrow!

Next, is a lip liner, which I bought to use as a lipstick because I think that stays on longer than the normal lipstick. It’s ‘Claret’ colour, by 17. I’ve wanted that kind of colour for a while, and finally found the right one. Look out for pictures soon :) xox


The competition is over, and the winner was chosen in a random way!

The winner is Milda Ruikytė!!!

Congrats girl! I’ve sent you an email, and get in touch if you haven’t received it!

kisses xox


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