My very own wishlist

1. Britney Spears ‘fantasy’ perfume.
2. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
3. A tattoo
4. Cuff earrings.
5. New camera.
6. White iphone 4.
7. Jack Daniel’s top.
8.  Moschino belt.
9. New jumpers.
10. YSL ring.
11. Hollister body sprays.
12. Chanel handbag in black.
13. Black leather jacket.
14. ‘Oh Lola’ by Marc Jacobs perfume.

Most of the things on there, would take me years to save up for, like the Chanel handbag that costs about £3000 which is a crazy amount of money and I would never spend that much on a bag unless I had a million. And for Christmas and my birthday I’m not expecting big presents, maybe perfume, clothes, jewellery and sweets. I think the main thing that matters is that you spend these days with your family and friends and have a great time.


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