Lets remember 2011.

2012 is right behind the corner, and I think I want to run through the good things that happend to me this year!

January: Finally had loads of snow in London.Had a great photoshoot with Nardip Singh.

And another one with Nigel Rogers.

February: Visited my friends and family in Cold Lithuania.

April: My friends came to visit me from Lithuania.Went on a college trip to Thorpe Park.

May:  Walked in a catwalk for Duke Of York Square-Royal Wedding Fashion Show. 

Went on a college trip to Camber Sands.Visited New York City with my best friend Gabriele, stayed for 2 weeks.

Met my cousins that I haven’t seen for 3-4 years. Had an awesome photoshoot with Grazina Zizaite.

June: Went camping with my family.

m&ms world opened in London, so me and my friends checked it out.Had another photoshoot with Debbi Clark and the Cobella team.Had my work in an exhibition in college.

July-September: Went to Lithuania and had an amazing time there spent with the most amazing people in the world. Also met 3 amazing boys who are now my really close friends. Vilius Nersesianas, Arnas Bernadisius and Lukas Sudeikis.September: Met with some old people from school which was really nice.October:  worked with proffesional photographers at Excel London for 4 days.Walked in Core Spirit fashion show.December:  Came to Lithuania 3rd time this year to Celebrate my 18th birthday, Christmas and New Year.And this is it everyone! Let’s hope 2012 is as good as this year! Happy New Year!

Blue hawaii

Today was a good day, done abit of shopping in  the morning, got my watch fixed and magicaly it only cost 2 litas to fix it. Also received 100litas from my aunty, then went to eat breakfast with my friends in Cili Pica. After that me and Skaiste went to meet my parents and have lunch with them in Kafen House. Instead of eating we ended up having baked ice cream and coctails. Later that day me along with my parents went to my god fathers house and had dinner with them. My godfather suprised me with 300litas as my birthday present. I had to leave early and meet my friends in Kakadu. I actually had a really good day and now me and Skaiste are staying at her house, gonna go on Chat roulette later.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day I woke up in a good mood, checked my present from Santa.. it was a watch! I would take a picture but I broke it yesterday.. lol not good. Anyway I had breakfast with the family, talked for a little bit, spent some time together. In the evening I got ready with my friend Skaiste and we went to Aragvi, a night club. I’ve never been there, but its good.

Just getting ready… and recording it on webcam.. haha :D

Had a good time there :)