Great day

Today was a really good day for me, loads of good things happened and now I know for sure that God is real. I’m a Catholic so I have always believed in Jesus, but today just proved that he is real. I dont want to talk about the things that happened because its just little things, but everything seems to be going great in my life right now, but I dont want to be too happy because I feel like it wont happen!

Anyway, after new year I’m starting Thai boxing, gym and a few driving lessons by my family and my friend Mel from college. Can’t wait. Next year seems good. :)

My mum got some weird advent calendar for us this year, it has 24 little boxes and she said she’s gonna fill a box with stuff every day.. OK thats just weird, because I like my chocolate!!! But its ok, hopefully she puts chocolate there. :D And she got a cooking book, which I did not want because I dont like cooking and baking.. but anyway.. :D Feeling all Christmasy now, just wish we had some snow.


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