18th Birthday

As you all know last Saturday I celebrated my 18th birthday. Here are the pictures.

I’m not going to write about each photo, but just going to say that I had a good birthday and thanks to everyone who made it that way. I received loads of flowers and presents, but I’ll do a separate posts on presents. It doesn’t feel like I’m 18, and I actually just used my ID for the first time yesterday to buy beer. I guess I don’t feel like I’m 18, because I still look at my  self as a child, I’m still young and I wish I could be forever young! Just to think that I’m 19 in a year.. oh my god. I’m an adult by the age, and a kid inside ;)

PS. thank you all for you birthday wishes. Sorry for not writing here, I just didnt have the time and couldnt really bring myself to write here, but today I read other blogs, and realised I LOVE WRITING A BLOG. I love it! So from today, posts every day, or every other day!


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