Tweet tweet

Ah I’m in shock right now.. Tyra Banks retweeted my photo on twitter! Have a look:

So Tyra tweeted a picture of herself posing in a bathroom and said ‘Show me your fierce pose in strange places’. I replied to her with my picture on a horse and said ‘Just Me on a Horse’ and guess what? Out of her 5 million followers she retweeted my picture and said  ‘ALMOST LIKE #ANTM CYCLE 13!’. I was so shocked and happy at the same time.. oh my god. Can’t believe this. Now theres people starting to follow me and people replying to this tweet saying nice things.. Aww! 3 minute twitter fame! haha just showing you what she meant about ANTM cycle 13 :Sooo happy ! :D Follow me @GabGzimailaite

My most used products.

Hey, someone asked me to do a post about the products I use everyday or I use the most. I do have more make-up and other stuff this is my favourite things. Here we go:

 Face scrub, body moisturiser and face cream:

 They are not my favourites but the ones I use the most. I dont really use face scrubs or creams, but I got these as presents so I’m using it just so it doesnt go to waste. The Faberlic Day and Night creams are pretty good, but again I dont know what other ones are like. The moisturising lotion is actually pretty good, and makes you look tanned. Soap&Glory face scrub smells of mint, and feels great when you put it on your face as its minty.

Body washes:

My forever favourite Victoria’s Secret Aloha Pink which smells amazing! I got 2 of them in New York and they’re just finishing now.. so I’ll have to wait until Summer to get some new ones when Victoria’s Secret store opens in London. My other new favourite is this Blueberry cream pie body wash. This is actually my mums, she got it from my sister as a Christmas present, but I use it too. It smells great!

Shampoo & Conditioner: 

My favourite shampoo and conditioner is actually Tresemme but we are using these ones now. They are really good! Especially the shampoo. Leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Dry Shampoo & Hair spray:

I got the dry shampoo just to see what’s the buzz about. It’s actually pretty good because you can use it when your hair gets greasy and you have no time to wash it. It really works! Unfortunately my hair doesn’t get greasy fast so I don’t have a lot of chances to use this product.The hair spray is new, I got it 3 days ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Smells good though :)

Favourite perfume:

I LOVE this perfume! It’s very sweet just how I like it! As you can see I haven’t used a lot as I’m using the Britney Spears perfume’s I got for Christmas and my Birthday.

Foundation, powder and blushes:

These are all very good. The Egyptian Earth powder is my absolute favourite and I use it all the time! I have these little Mary Kay testers that Skaiste’s mum gave me when I was in Lithuania and they are really good! The Maybelline powder is not the best.. as you cant see it well on my skin.

This is a new addition to my foundation collection, and its pretty good. It gives me a photo ready look. I would definitely recommend this one.

Lipsticks and lip glosses:

The lipsticks are all good. My favourite and the one I use everyday is the third one from Maybelline called Kiss Pearl 832. Its really really good and gives my lips a great shiny/glittery look. One of my other favourites from Barry M has recently finished so I cant add it to my picture. The lipglosses are not too bad. The one I use the most is Royal Gloss from Rimmel London. You can get the other one  from h&m for £0.99.

Hair Straightener:  

I LOVE THIS HAIR STRAIGHTENER. I actually have 4 hair straighteners including ghd’s but this is my favourite one, I’ve had it for 4 or 5 years and it has never broken and is still in perfect condition.

I could not add my mascaras or eye liner and eye brow pencil as I cant find it. :| My brother was playing in my room, so he probably put it somewhere.

Hope you like this post, and if you have any suggestions you can post them to my formspring:

Gabby xox

pretty in pink

My parents went shopping to buy a few things today, and bought me a cute jacket which is soo soo light, its like feathers. I’m not sure what I am going to match it with but I fell in love with it so I guess I will wear it. And also it folds so well and there’s a bag provided for it. Also a cute tank top and CK underwear. Nothing too big, but it’s nice to get something out of the blue. 

Good morning..

..or should I say good afternoon? These days I’ve been going to sleep at 4am and waking up at 2pm.. and then when I have college I cant fall asleep at 1am.. I need to change my sleeping pattern. Anyway, today I’m gonna be busy drawing all day, stuff for college and university. I can’t remember if I’ve told you this, but I heard back from Kingston and Metropolitan Universities and they want me to submit my art portfolio.. which I DONT HAVE. So I gotta make one as soon as possible. Has to be there by Saturday… now I’m enjoying breakfast (just a little bit too late) and wishing you a good day! ;)

I’m having porridge with raspberries and chocolate shavings.. and 2 clementines.