Time to head back to London

Hey everyone! Today I am leaving Lithuania and going home. We are going by car so it will take approximately 40 hours to get there. We’re going through Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France and then UK. I hope there’s some snow in other countries so I can take some nice pictures when we stop. Anyway, yesterday me and all my best friends met up in Kakadu to see each other one last time before summer. It was really hard saying goodbye to everyone. I probably don’t show it because I’m not an emotional person but its really really hard to leave such amazing people. Everyday I spend with my friends is special. It sickens me to think I will only see everyone in about 7 months. God, that’s a long time. I will miss everyone so so much, you all probably already know friends mean alot to me in my life.

Now its time to get out of bed and go get ready. I have a long journey ahead of me. My I’pod is ready with the newest songs, bags are packed, everything is ready. Going to stop in Kaunas for lunch with my stepdad’s family and then off we go.


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