Journey Home

My journey home was so hard. Imagine sitting down for like 40 hours. Its horrible. Felt like the bones from my bottom are going come through. Sadly, I didnt see any snow in any of the countries. When I got back to England, it was sunny and 10 degrees. Feels like spring.

First stop was in Kaunas. I was surprised to see that there’s such a nice shopping centre in Lithuania. It didn’t feel like I was in Lithuania at all. We stopped for lunch. While we were waiting for the food I went to do some shopping, but didn’t find anything I needed or wanted. When I got back upstairs I was bored so I took some pictures :)

Next stop was McDonalds in  Poland. Was not nice! :(

There was a few more stops in other countries but I was too tired to take pictures. But when we got to a McDonald’s in Netherlands I had to get my camera out! They have the best restaurants in the world. So old fashioned. Wish I took more pictures there. It’s very retro and you feel like you’re in the 80’s or something. So cool! Anyway, I was so tired when I got home I went straight to bed and slept for 17 hours. Yesterday I unpacked some things, but our house is still a mess. I should start posting properly tomorrow. Sorry for the wait, and the boring posts haha ;)


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