Saatchi Gallery

I’ve been saying all week I’m going on a trip to a museum on Thursday, and it’s actually a gallery… haha :D I actually loved the Saatchi gallery. Especially the interior of it. Big white rooms, big windows, large doors.. big white stairs.. ahh I just loved it. So beautiful. And for once I actually liked the art.. maybe its because most of the time I was walking around on my own, and I actually had a lot of time to think. It was great. Also got to talk to people I have never talked to in 2 years of college.. and most importantly got to talk to someone and make sure we are ok after everything that happend between us.. Sorry cant say what happend and who it is.. just gonna tell you its a guy! ;) haha I had a great time with my college people and now I can’t wait for our trip to Paris. But anyway, check out some cool art work and just some pictures from today..

Work by Isa Genzken.

I actually liked this green one so much I had to get myself a postcard.. its by Jutta Koether.

Very cool mirror that stars vibrating when a human comes in front of it! :)
At lunch had a nice cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks in the sun but unfortunately my fingers froze in this -2 weather… :( Also, sorry for the long post.. I am a big fan of art so it’s interesting for me :)


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