Today while I was shopping I stopped at h&m and got 2 pieces of separate bikinis and some nail varnishes. I always like to get separate bikini tops and bottoms for some reason and mix and match them. Obviously I had to show you guys how I’m gonna mix and match ^.^…

I know, you don’t have to tell me, I am a freak.. I don’t buy full sets of bikinis I buy separate pieces. Well I do buy full bikinis some times, but I like them mixed up. I mean, if you were supposed to wear the same top and bottom pieces why are they sold separate right??Whatever I’m just crazy and I just sneezed :D Oh and actually I read a fact yesterday that if someone is about to sneeze and you say ‘Pineapple’ they wont sneeze :D sounds cool need to try that :D  I wonder if that’s true.. haha look at me writing about bikinis and then about sneezing.. what an idiot :D


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