Go bananas

The reason why I went to Bluewater (shopping centre in Kent) was to hand out my CV’s to a few shops. I did and hopefully they will call me back! Keep your fingers crossed! :D Anyway I had to pop into a few shops and I finally found the leather jacket that I want!
I liked them both but the one further back was too short and I hate short jackets so Im going to get the one at the front this week hopefully.
Anyway, now its 0:45am and Im just starting to watch 2 and a Half Men. One of my favourite shows. Tomorrow I have some workshop to attend at Metropolitan University.. hmmmm….

Ohh and btw if you live in England or actually anywhere that sells this hot chocolate you have to get it! Best hot chocolate ever. Its like 7 for £1.50. They have so many different flavours like Mint,Orange, Hazelnut, White Chocolate and so on and on.. and ofcourse my favourite BANANA. Omg it tastes amazing! Made my parents get me a whole box of them! haha :D This is what it looks like: Best part? One cup is only 39 calories! ;) Check back tomorrow for Nutella Ice Cream recipe ;)


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