Always end up finding things while cleaning..

My room has been looking like some sort of cave.. so  so messy.. at some point I had to spend time in the living room because I couldn’t stay in my room any more..Thankfully my room is looking a bit more tidy now, just need to hoover but I thought I should put my blog first as I haven’t posted for a while and I feel like I’m letting my readers down. Anyway.. while I was tidying up I found these 2 bags that I keep things in.. not just any things but thing that remind me of my life.. I have one bag for things from when I was little (my life in Lithuania) and another for my life here.So this is the things in the Lithuanian one.. I have some things from when I was a baby, 4 winning things (don’t know what they’re called) from beauty pageants, an outfit from my modelling, also some bits and bobs and my grade books from school.
Here I have some magazines that I was in when I was 14, some little things like my retainer.. aha :D Some things from school like a uniform poster I was on, my tie, some medals from sports and finally my leaving book and 2 last shirts from year 11. In England we have this tradition that on the last day of school in year 11 everyone signs each others shirts and wishes good luck. It’s actually nice to read the cute and not so cute messages people left :D I recommend everyone to find a box or something to store your things in.. its nice to look back on things and memories :)my leaving book that about 40 people I used to get along with signed <3


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