I’ve been getting a lot of really interesting compliments lately. People tell me they love how ‘free’ I am, how I’m full of life, how I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, how I believe in myself and how they wish they had those qualities. I mean.. I think those are the best compliments a person can get. I will sound like an idiot right now.. but when I walk the dog at night.. I smile to myself when I see stars in the sky, when I’m walking to college and it’s a sunny day, I SMILE! Because there’s nothing better than life and I’m happy to be alive.. Anyway enough of my weird side.. haha I got a cute leather jacket today, I’ll do a post on it tomorrow. I’m so excited for college tomorrow! Mel is back from Singapore so we’re gonna have a lot to talk about! Gossip girls! haha.. Have a great Wednesday and enjoy some images that I love!All images from tumblr & weheartit.


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