Today I woke up nice and early, had enough time to get ready, left on time and before I knew it I was in Central London. I took me a while to find the studio but I did and was 20 mins late.. But that wasn’t a big deal as the other model before me was just starting to shoot so I had plenty of time to sit there and chill. When the model was done we started on my hair, Marita (the girl who organised the shoot) has brought her extensions so when she put them in I couldn’t believe how long my hair was! It looked amazing. We went for a dark look, smoky eyes, dead straight hair and loads of bronzer. The photographer was Chris Jarvis and I’ve actually had him on facebook for a while now so it was nice to finally meet him! The shoot was great, hopefully will be able to show you the pictures soon :) But for now, have a look at some behind the scenes shots. Some taken by me, some are taken by Chris.


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