Today I had a package waiting for me and didn’t understand what it was.. and when I opened it I found studs.. and I actually ordered them like 2 months ago and completely forgot about it.. took so long to get here from China or something. Straight away I felt the need to experiment! (Sorry for low quality photos).


Omg today we had +22 here in London!! amazing! I didn’t go college as my mum went into labour today, and had a boy. So now I have another brother named Oscar! :) Me and my sister were in my garden catching a tan, I must say I did tan today! :)

It felt like it was summer so much.. the whole day! It was warmer outside than inside my house.. :D 

shopping haul

Picked up a few things today. Love the bronzer I got! It’s organic and is brilliant. Also realised I got many pink things.. weird! AN most importantly my favourite clutch bags that I was planning to buy were on sale in h&m, so I picked up not only one for myself but one for one of my readers too! All about that in the next post!and yes that is hair dye in one of the pictures.. tried to dye my hair a reddish colour, but it didn’t really work.. well you can see it in real life but it doesn’t come through to the pictures!

Shopping with my sister

Today me and my sister decided to hit the shopping centre as the weather was amazing and we didn’t want to stay at home. So many things are on sale right now! We had a great time and felt tired after 3 hours of shopping! My camera is at breaking point so I used my mum’s today.. pictures amaze me! Had a little chat with my step dad today, hopefully my parents will get me a camera soon!New style.. hahatwins? :D