DIY dyed denim shorts -results

Here are the results.. from the previous post (here).

These look really really good in real life!

Totally messed up with this pair.. :(

Red ones…. hmmm time will tell if I will be wearing these.. they look weird.

Anyway, I might add some studs and stuff to make it look better. But these are the finished shorts. More practise and maybe I will make myself a pair that looks like Runwaydreamz shorts :-D :-D . Now I’m gonna dye my hair (what’s up with me dyeing things today? :-D ) and then catch up with Desperate Housewives. Have a good evening xox


17 thoughts on “DIY dyed denim shorts -results

  1. hey gabby it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i bought runwaydreams shorts (original)but it doesnt look that good like yours. rlly!! 1st and 2nd shorts are absolutely perfect. i want them so bad:((( open ur own shorts store. gabbyshortzzz. hahahhaha. xx

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