Remembering Palanga – summer’11

Been stuck at home yesterday and today.. and seems like my evening is not looking any better either so I decided to do a post about when I went to Palanga in August 2011. It is a seaside resort town in Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and I try to go there every year. I don’t think I was writing my blog at that time so I never uploaded these pictures here and that’s a shame because I had so much fun there with my best friend Iveta who is expecting a baby in 2 months. So happy for her and Patrick ♥ Ok less talking more looking? lol here you go.. :)

First morning when we got there, we met my friend that was also there at that time and we went straight to the beach. As you can tell in the last picture my legs are so brown compared to the rest of my body.. well that’s because  I wear shorts all the time when it’s hot. ALL THE TIME.Then we went for a nice dinner and after that wondered off to the beach, sat on the sand with a few guys and cider and then on the way home got some roses from the guys! How sweet aha :DThen again the next day we spent about 7 hours on the beach trying to catch a tan! Then after showers, doing our hair, getting dressed and make-up we went for dinner again. This time at a very nice restaurant with the cutest waiters.. ;) haha After a bit of wine and a fine meal we had about 3 goes on the same ride and thought we better have an early night so we went back to our place and went to sleep. Well ok.. took some funny pictures actually..Next morning we went out for breakfast.. it was a rainy day so we were upset that we can’t spend it on a beach.When we got to the bridge it got really windy and this storm came up so by the time we got off the bridge we were soaking wet. Not a good time.Then later that day the sun came out so we decided to rent out one of these little car/bike things and have some fun as it was our last day. After that it was time to get ready for dinner. We didn’t wanna go in heels again so we decided to stick with what we’re wearing.We drank way too much that night, and I decided it would be fun to go clubbing. I had a fake ID at that time as I was 17, and Iveta was 16 and didn’t have a fake ID. So I thought If Ivetas mum comes with us she can say to the security guards that Iveta is 18. Sounds funny I know.. I was drunk.. But guess what? It worked.. Well I had to nag the security guards for about 10 minutes. Haha So we actually went clubbing.. in our flip flops. That was so funny!And that was it that night.. we went home the next morning..

6 thoughts on “Remembering Palanga – summer’11

  1. Sveika, susidomėjau labai tomis fake ID. :D Kaip ir kur ją pasidarei, ar kaip ten viskas buvo? Labai naudinga man būtų irgi tokią įsigyti. :D

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