Today we had a nice and early start with a nice breakfast and then we were off to our workshops! Maik, Nils and Simon had a great day planned for us! We spent half of the day doing some workshops about alcohol policies and our organisations, went to the Committee of  the regions which was really cool, had a tour around Brussels, lovely dinner and then a little wonder around the little chocolate shops! Mmm Brussels is so beautiful. Loads of old buildings.. Cool!! (Have said that word about 50687433 times today haha :D ). I’m falling asleep while sitting in this lobby with Aura and Tom.. it’s so hot in here! ahhhhh Here’s the day in pictures:Maik looking cool! :D

Soo tired now, time for bed!


4 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Hey, very nice blog! Could you please do a Messy Bun hair tutorial (video), i like your hair in todays post “monday” in the last pic :)

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