Im back!

First of all sorry for not posting for almost a week now, I was getting to the hotel quite late everyday in Brussels, waking up very early and didn’t find the time to post anything. I got back to London about 5pm yesterday and I must say it feels depressing. I have now decided that I am not going to live in England after I finish my studies. It’s just so depressing here.. Atleast I am going out with my friends tonight..
Anyway.. I had a great time in Brussels. I’m never gonna forget this week. It has been so good. I have never said the word ‘COOL’ so many times in 5 days before.  I met amazing people that I am going to miss a lot. Hopefully we will all see each other in November.
And here are the rest of the pictures from my trip.
Had such an amazing time! Sorry for the low quality pictures, my camera is falling apart..  new one before summer I hope!


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