Radistai in London!!

Hey guys! As I said yesterday I went to a club where ‘Radistai’ were playing! First we met up with them and a few other dj’s and artists, went to a pub across the street, chatted for a bit, then made our way to the club. I must say the night was great! Radistai done a great job and so did my new friend Einaras who plays the saxophone! Amazing! 

Soo funny :DD
I had a great night, it was nice to meet the guys, also saw a few people I haven’t seen in ages so that was cool! :-)


5 thoughts on “Radistai in London!!

  1. that guy in the last picture with duckface hahahah is soooo hot even with silly face lol. omg is he lithuanian? u’ve got some really hot guys there !!!!!!!! btw ur name is really beautiful and interesting :*

  2. Norėtųsi daugiau outfit’ų, kažko apie grožio procedūras, galbūt net įdomesnę perskaitytą knygą ar gautas naujas žinias apie madą, na tendencijas, vistiek iš stiliaus sprendžiant jomis tikrai domiesi. Žodžiu, prasmingesnių įrašų. Čia tik skaitytojos prašymas. :}

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