Quick recipe

I saw a girl’s picture on her facebook of these yummy cheese things and I immediately thought to myself that I have to make them or I wont sleep tonight. So I grabbed the puff pastry, 1 egg and some cheese and started the process! The whole thing is so quick and easy it takes about 5 mins to prepare and 10-15 mins to bake. All you do is cut the pastry up into little squares, place some cheese in the middle, and join the corners at the top. I also done a few with sausage just because my mum asked me to..ha! :D Then the next step is to whisk the egg and just put a thin layer on each of the pastry thingy’s (sorry don’t know what to call them).Then just shove it in the oven and bake until it’s nice and yellow? Haha.. 10 mins – not done.
15 mins – perfect! Enjoy!

By the way they taste sooooooo good!


4 thoughts on “Quick recipe

    • Labai paprasta viskas. sloksniuoti tesla supjaustot i gabaliukus, i viduri idedat surio ar dar ko.. tada kampus sulipdot per viduri, tada isplaktu kiausiniu istepat pavirsiu ir viskas! kepat apie 15 minxx

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