Well.. it’s obviously not the morning any more.. it’s nearly 5 o’clock. I’ve been going to bed at 3am and waking up at 2-3pm this whole week. What a stupid habit. I need to jump out of that asap. I’m just eating breakfast now.. and dinner is in 2 hours. So stupid of me. I have now been told by 2 people that if I’m applying to so many jobs and not even getting an interview I must not want it myself.. and then I actually thought about it and that is the reason. I want to spend my summer in Lithuania.. two whole months, with my friends and family, like every single summer, except now I’m 18 and it’s gonna be the best one yet. And every time I apply for a job I secretly know that I want to go on holiday for the whole summer so I can’t get a job right now because they wont give me the holiday.. So I guess that’s the reason.. makes sense. If I needed a job because I was starving and didn’t have money to pay my bills I would probably get it straight away because I would really want it. Now I have to choose between money and friends&family. And obviously my friends&family come first. Now just gotta think of a way to save up money for summer. Sorry for this long text, I never do that, but I had to get it out here.

ALSO I know I’m being annoying but the Lithuanian internet nominations… you can vote everyday! So please please every day or every other day when you come to visit my blog, please spare a second to vote for me! It’s soooooooooo simple, you just press on a heart!

Thank you guys! Anyone getting ready for Easter Sunday? We are going to do preparations soon, we have loads of friends and family coming over tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. Man tai zinok lygiai tas pats, kadangi turiu 2 savaites atostogu, tai nueinu paryciais miegot, o paskui atsikelius ant pietu :D Taip uzknisa, nes paskui visa diena nieko nebesinori daryt :D

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