Today I took my mum’s phone and I’ve been taking quick snapshots throughout the day.. I am actually full now, I ate soooo much. Especially grilled chicken.. yummy! Got loads of chocolates and sweets and the beeeeeeessssssstttttt smelling soap in the world. I actually had to lick it just to make sure it’s not eat-able because it smells sooooo good.My mum made the best cake ever!! Look at these beautiful colourful eggs! I only had one…My brother was really entertaining me… And the rest of the pictures…Yes, that is my sister in the stripy top, and people on facebook have been saying that we look alike so much.. what do you think? I’m 18 and she’s 15.


11 thoughts on “Easter!

  1. Tavo sesė tikrai pasikeitusi :) Esu kelis kartus mačiusi ją Panevėžyje, tai atrodė tiesiog miela mergaitė, o dabar ji atrodo lyg tavo vyresnioji sesuo! :)

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