In the summer of 2010 me and my friends spent loads of time on photoshoot’s that we just made up because we got bored… thought you might like to see some picture’s as I wasn’t running a blog then.. Me and my friend Skaiste re-arranged my grandmothers kitchen to get these shots, and actually raided her wardrobe for these vintage pieces.. amazing! And that’s my bestie Skaiste : That summer we got crazy rainy days.. so as soon as it started raining that one day we ran out like crazy with umbrellas and a camera and took pictures right next to my house on the street.. it was a struggle to protect the camera from the rain and stuff but we got great shots. And even the people who live in my road couldn’t tell that this was taken outside my house..
This day we just packed loads of clothes, a camera and took off.. we went where our eyes were leading us.. when we got to this place we knew we will get some great shots.. my friend Skaiste looked amazing! :

This was just a random image taken by my cousin.

Then there was crazy me who had to ‘rent’ a horse.. I wanted a photoshoot on a horse so much I found out how I can do it and planned it and rented the horse for an hour or something.. pretty crazy seeing as I was only 16 and was renting a horse just because I wanted pictures.. haha :)
… and then there was a photoshoot in the fields. Pretty cool. We do a photoshoot in the fields every year :) Ahh that was by far the best summer ever…  let’s hope this summer, the 18th one will be the greatest!


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