What’s in my bag?

– Fujifilm finepix s9500 (yes that’s the one that I own).
– Purse
– iPod touch
– A film that has been in my bag for ages, needs to be taken to the shop.
– My pencil case
– Britney Spears perfume
– Pattrena hand& nail cream
– Breath spray – OK I do not need it, but my sister thought it would be funny to give it to me so it’s been in my bad ever since..
– My keys
– Sunglasses
– College ID card
– My make-up bag
– Spray
– Map of Brussels, passport and a metro ticket from Brussels.. don’t know why it’s still in my bag.. haha

So yeah that’s about as much as I carry every day. Do you carry the same things? Or maybe I’m missing something that most people have???


12 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Hello, I’m also interested making my own blog in wordpress! Can I ask you, where did you get your theme? Is it for free? Thanks, Marie! :)

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