New in..

As I said earlier I done a bit of shopping yesterday, just a few things.. didn’t really go anywhere except Primark because I needed them cute little pumps they have but obviously when you go into Primark you can’t not buy something else.. haha so I picked up a few things.And I also got a cute bikini top (again just one piece.. ) but sadly it was too small for me! Had to return it this morning. (Picture from Instagram)

Me and my sister also popped into our network provider to ask when our phone upgrade is and they said we can get it now!! So still thinking is it gonna be an iPhone 4 or a Samsung galaxy s2 but I fell in love with the quality of the pictures taken with galaxy s2 and also the speed of the phone, and the size of the screen! I think it’s gonna be that one. Should be getting it this weekend! Or at least before Wednesday (that’s when I’m going to PARIS). Wooohoo exciting!


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