Paris day 1.

The first day we arrived to Paris (Gare du Nord station) at around 11am and left our bags in the lockers in the station so we can enjoy our first day in Paris and then get our bags later on and go to the hotel. We obviously had to test if one of us can fit inside the locker! :D So then we took a train and finally got out into the Paris air and walked through the coolest little flower/garden market I have ever seen and also walked to a Cathedral.The cathedral was soooo nice inside.. we wanted to go up.. but couldnt find the entrance! :D haha After that we had ‘free time’ aha.. to do whatever we wanna so we looked for a place to eat, and after that went into a department store to look for a ping pong ball because the guys wanted to play beer pong..We stopped to eat in Mcdonalds because it started raining and we couldnt be asked to look for anything.. I was surprised that they have ‘order yourself’ machines and they sell beer and wine in Mcdonalds! So weird!!! After that we went to a museum or gallery or something like that.. the view was really nice from there! Then we took loads of pictures next to a pretty wallpaper that we later found out was ARTWORK… lolThen after this gallery it was time to head back to the station, get our bags and go to the hotel. We lived quite far from the hotel so it was a long journey and every one was very tired. But still.. everyone got ready, went downstairs, got some food and drinks and watched a football game.Well then everyone decided it was time for a hotel room party. So we chose mine and Mel’s room as we had the biggest one, everyone got their drinks and the music and it all started..Nu jo.. net negaliu isaiskint kaip praejo viskas nes nieko neprisimenu. Tik prisimenu pradzia ir pabaiga.. :D

Post on day 2 and 3 coming soon, sorry this one’s a bit boring as we didnt do a lot.


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