Paris day 2 + 3

The next day me and Mel took ages to get ready and I didn’t have enough time to do my hair so I wasn’t very happy about that. :( First we went to the Louvre.Then we went inside the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa!! It was such a beautiful place!After seeing the Mona Lisa we were given maps and had to meet at a certain point in a few hours so we wondered around the streets of Paris.After all of this we were finally off to see the Eiffel tower.  The Eiffel tower was the prettiest at night. Just breath taking. Anyway the next day I didnt take many pictures because we didn’t really do anything important.. but I did take a few with my phone so here you go..Had the best kebab I’ve ever eaten, EVER!!!Made Zac plank everywhere.. :D
Finally had Macaron’s, they were sooo yummy! Especially the strawberry one! As you can see I didn’t go shopping or anything like that because we had no time at all!!  I mean we did get free time but we had things to do in that time like eat and so on.. I didn’t even get enough time to buy myself some souvenirs as I left it all to the last day and didn’t find a store on a last day :( So sad.. at least I got myself loads of sweets and French Elle and Vogue. I think that was a sign that I have to come back to Paris soon!


8 thoughts on “Paris day 2 + 3

  1. I think i’m starting a tour of Paris where I just leave a bunch of people somewhere and give them a certain location that they have to find. Unless they get lost though, and they would probably be tourists that have never been to the city. FUN.

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