Final photography project

This is what’s going on with my final project pictures right now.. there’s still a few pictures to edit, and still a few things to change on these but I’m getting there! My work is inspired by Philip Paulus who done amazing fashion shots,that Rihanna copied for her video.
It’s a bit sad that I had to direct the shoot and pose in it too.. because my sister had the flu and didn’t want to pose for me, but I’m sure it will be fine! I can not wait to finish this off and just forget about Photography for a few years! Art&Design next year!

What are your thoughts about this?


Can’t stop. Must stop. Gonna ask my mum to hold my bank card for a few weeks, I keep spending! Haha! But today, I really understood that I have a high heel addiction. I saw a pair of heels and I had to get them. They’re black and plain, but so nice. 89% of my heels and wedges are black.. and I still bought another pair. Crazy me! But I couldn’t stop myself. Also got a few cute dresses for summer. :)Are you getting ready for summer??


Picked up a few small things today, getting ready for Lithuania slowly. So excited to go, can’t even wait any longer!  Also went to the dentist and they drilled my teeth A LOT without any injections! But it didnt hurt! Woohoo I felt so brave! Haha 8-)
Sorry that I haven’t been bloging a lot lately, very busy time right now. Loads of running around, appointments and so on. Hopefully at the end of the week I can focus more on my blog. Messy background.. oh well!
And just a few random images from today..
1. Had the best Lithuanian soup today!
2. Just a random picture?
3. Waiting at the dentist..
4.  Small nutella! so cute!
5. Old vintage cereal boxes because of Royal Jubilee Weekend.
6. Todays arm swag.

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Beach !

Sunday was brilliant. The weather reached 26 degrees and it was pretty hot so we headed to the beach. It was hard to lay there and tan as it was a little bit windy and the sand was just blowing in our faces but it was alright! Let’s hope the weather stays like this for a few more weeks!I’m off to the dentist now! Scary times! ahhaa :x


Hey hey ! Today I had a good day in college, loads of running around and helping Mel with her photoshoots! Pictures coming next month!

After college I met up with a few friends and we hang out in 3 different places throughout the night. We actually went to a Lithuanian restaurant called Bernelių užeiga.. but it was no where near as good as the one in Lithuania. I didn’t like anything I had there… :((
Also, I had no space for a camera as I took a small bag, so phone pictures only today!

Great day! Loving the weather. Eurovision tomorrow!!! So excited to watch! I am rooting for Sweden and Lithuania!  Have a great weekend! x

Eurovision song contest 2012

I’m sure many of you watch that! Lithuania was so good! And we got into the final! I’m so proud! And I’m totally in love with him :( I’m just watching the video over and over again. His eyes are just so amazing :D Definitely watching on Saturday!

Anglijos ir kitų šalių Lietuviai, balsuojam!!


I’m now counting down the days until I go away to Lithuania. Now that it’s hot in England I feel like I should not be here. Haha!
Today my teachers let me leave college early because I told them I’m going to take some candid/street pictures for my project in Central London. The pictures are pretty boring, but I took some pretty ones along the way.Hollister guys! <3 ahhaa ;p

If anyone is wondering, the English flags are hanging everywhere because the Royal Jubilee weekend is coming up. (Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne.)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather! I certainly am!!! 27 degrees tomorrow :o I do not want to be in college.