Hey guys! Today I had a maths exam and it was 1 hour and 30 minutes long but I finished in 25 minutes. It was SO EASY. I actually feel like I got it all correct. Haha :)
I finally thought of a cool idea for my final project in college. Something that I HAVE done before. So nothing new.. but it will look good. So I was just playing around with some facial features from magazines today…Heheh soo funny! I think I’m gonna stay at home most of the weekend and just watch movies. I have to watch 3 episodes of a few shows and 2 movies today! Oh and I’m gonna play Tetris on facebook.. :D My friend called me on skype today and told me to play it! So I did and now I’m addicted :( .  Now I’m just gonna eat and maybe work on my project. Actually I ate the ‘sandwiches’ while writing this post! And the tea is going in the sink because I put tooo much sugar in it and actually I really really dont like tea.. :s


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