Hey dolls!

 I’ve been accepted to Ravensbourne! So happy!
Haven’t really been doing anything fun these past few days except going to appointments and waiting for important news and decisions. Today I had an appointment at the Orthodontists and they took the moulds of my mouth which is not a nice feeling.. and I’m getting braces in September! 18 year old, even 19 and then maybe 20 year old with braces.. Oh Jesus.
Anyway.. today Ausma finally bought her tickets to London and she’s coming for a week next month! So that’s something exciting to look forward to! Gonna have a girly week shopping, partying, gossiping and taking pictures! Then 2 weeks after that I’m off to Lithuania for 2 months. Cool! :)

Me and Ausma on a night out in August :)

Talk soon!x


2 thoughts on “Hey dolls!

  1. Omgg, kokia sena foto..:DD Kaip laaaukiuu tos savaites su tavim UK ! ;** Jau isivaizduoju,kaip linksminsimes:DD* ..

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