Family day out!

Yesterday was a nice sunny day so we couldn’t just spend it at home. Who knows.. maybe these few hot days are all we’re gonna get this summer? Hope not!  So we had a family day out and a picnic in Canary Wharf. It was nice to walk around when it’s not cold. Amazing feeling! So jealous of everyone in Lithuania.. they have the same weather as like Egypt and Spain? Maybe even hotter… 
We bought Wasabi (Chicken noodles) and Starbucks for dinner.For my updates throughout the day follow me on Instagram: gabrielegz

I ruined my sisters photos,
So she ruined mine… :(Such beautiful location + amazing weather = GREAT FEELING.

Hope everyone is having a great week, I should be hitting Central London today!

Hugs xox


19 thoughts on “Family day out!

  1. Superinis megztukas! Gal išduosi kur pirktas?:)
    Beje, labai gražios nuotraukos, šaunus blog’as. Daug prisiminimų ir žinomų vietų iš šio nuolatos judančio miesto…:)

  2. Labai patiko sitas postas ir nuotraukos fainos!! Galiu paklaust? Ir kur CHANEL rankinuka pirkai ir ar originalus?

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