I’m now counting down the days until I go away to Lithuania. Now that it’s hot in England I feel like I should not be here. Haha!
Today my teachers let me leave college early because I told them I’m going to take some candid/street pictures for my project in Central London. The pictures are pretty boring, but I took some pretty ones along the way.Hollister guys! <3 ahhaa ;p

If anyone is wondering, the English flags are hanging everywhere because the Royal Jubilee weekend is coming up. (Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne.)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather! I certainly am!!! 27 degrees tomorrow :o I do not want to be in college.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. As pilnai tave suprantu, nes as pati vaziuoju i Lietuva kai pabaigsiu sule, nebegaliu kaip laukiu!! Kiekviena diena suplanuota! O kiek mazdaug tu ten busi? :P

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