Picked up a few small things today, getting ready for Lithuania slowly. So excited to go, can’t even wait any longer!  Also went to the dentist and they drilled my teeth A LOT without any injections! But it didnt hurt! Woohoo I felt so brave! Haha 8-)
Sorry that I haven’t been bloging a lot lately, very busy time right now. Loads of running around, appointments and so on. Hopefully at the end of the week I can focus more on my blog. Messy background.. oh well!
And just a few random images from today..
1. Had the best Lithuanian soup today!
2. Just a random picture?
3. Waiting at the dentist..
4.  Small nutella! so cute!
5. Old vintage cereal boxes because of Royal Jubilee Weekend.
6. Todays arm swag.

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