Sorry had no time at all to write in my blog! Been doing quick posts only. On monday I wrote to Vilte because she’s a good friend of mine and I thought it’s time to do something together! We met up for a few hours, had lunch together, but because it was raining like hell we decided to go to a shopping centre.. Ofcourse when we got there I couldn’t leave without buying something so I got a pretty coat that you saw in my previous post. Then we went for ice cream!Thanks to Vilte for taking some pretty pictures of me! You can find her blog here.

Then after I met Vilte, I had plans with Ausma so we met up in the centre of the city and went for pizza, the rain was still pouring so we decided to go to a club, tried 2 of them and both of them were closed.. not a good time. So we just went to another restaurant for drinks and while we were in there my friends invited me to come join them in a get together and as it was already 11:30pm I was a bit worried about that but Bernis and Tomas came to pick me up and I spent the night with my friends :)Sorry all the images with Ausma are just terrible as it was raining and getting dark.. We always tend to meet up in the evenings while in Lithuania. Need to meet up in day time! :D You can find Ausma’s blog here.

DIY – ombre waist coat

So a few weeks ago I saw Rugile’s post about her waist coat and decided to try something like that too. I waited untill I am in Lithuania to do that as I knew I can get a great denim jacket for very cheap. I got my jacket from a second hand store for 2lt which is about 50p and started experimenting! First of all I cut off the sleeves to make it into a waist coat. Then all I done was put it into bleach and it done the job very fast! I also brought my metal studs with me so I decided to add them to the jacket.. what do you think??


Yesterday was a big celebration in Lithuania. It’s the shortest night of the year and everyone gets together around a fire and young people just party all night long! I got ready, met up with my friends, walked around for a little bit and then made our way to the party!Got a cute rose each from a guy who was having his groom party!
When we got there the first 30 minutes were a bit quite.. everyone is a bit shy.. and then the party started!Sorry for phone pictures! Camera is getting fixed and should be done soon. The party was great. Had a lot of fun and nearly broke my nose… haha… we were playing a game.. well it’s a long story but i feel flat on my face and my nose started bleeding and now it hurts a lot! Not cool! Everyone is writing to me today asking if my face hurts…. lol..
We got home at about 6-6:30am and went straight to bed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and those who celebrate Jonines hope you had fun!
There are a lot of videos.. maybe I’ll make one tonight! Now I’m off for some fresh air and water in the sun!

See ya!