Past few days!

Sorry for not posting, as I said I didn’t even have time to check my emails. Busy week! Last night we decided not to sleep because we had to leave for the airport at 3:30am for Ausma’s flight, so I was so tired when I got back, I got into bed and slept for a long long time. Friday night we went out with a few friends, We had a great night dancing away.Yesterday we woke up very late, got ready, hit Westfield for a few bits and then went out for dessert late at night.. 11pm is not the best time to eat pizza bread and Brownies with ice cream and whipped cream but YOLO! :D We were supposed to go to an event called Apple Garden but decided to stay at home instead. Sorry for phone pictures! Forgot to get normal ones off Ausma’s camera and she’s asleep now after a flight so I thought I’ll just do it with what I have. Outfit pictures soon! Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I’m spending mine in bed catching up on all the shows I’ve missed. Just watched Pretty Little Liars! Exciting. <3


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