It’s sad to think that tomorrow is my last official day of college. I still have to go in on Tuesday night for our exhibition, but that’s it. 2 great years in this college spent with great and not so great people. I’m actually gonna miss it a lot.. I know I keep going on and on about these kind of things.. but I loved going to school and I loved going to college and now University is starting in September and I’m hoping to meet some wonderful people there. Memories from the brilliant 2 years at Bexley college.. (feel like you need to click play on this song before you scroll down for the images) :p

Sad feeling… but on the bright side.. Lithuania in 5 days! <3


4 thoughts on “Sad..

  1. kaip fainai atrodo ten viskas! ta prasme toks jausmas, kad jūs net nesimokot, bet tiesiog linksminatės, patikėk, pavydžiu tau:) norėčiau ir aš tokiam koledže pasimokyt:)

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